Sweden boasts a myriad of stunning venues for your wedding ceremony and celebration. Explore popular destinations such as the historic Old Town in Stockholm, the archipelago islands right outside of the capital, or the wilderness of Swedish Lappland. Or why not go the to magical island of Gotland with its medieval town Visby and magic landscape? Each location provides a unique backdrop, allowing you to tailor your wedding to your personal style and preferences. From incorporating Swedish florals to embracing the simplicity of Scandinavian design, let the beauty of the region influence your celebration.

Planning a destination wedding

Planning a destination wedding involves navigating legal requirements, especially when marrying in a foreign country. To delve into the essential paperwork, permits, and legalities to ensure a smooth process can be exhausting. Understanding the logistics of travel, accommodation, and communication can be as nerve-racking. 
At WeddingPlanner Stockholm we will help you explore the wealth of talent among local Swedish vendors, from selecting a photographer who understands the nuances of Swedish landscapes and lighting to caterers offering traditional delicacies. 

Sweden’s seasons

Tailoring your wedding date to the season that resonates with your vision ensures a truly unforgettable experience. Discuss the pros and cons of each season, from the magical winter wonderland to the vibrant summer nights with its almost white nights.

…and while in Sweden

Please do consider the guest experience. Providing information on local attractions, activities, and cultural experiences will ensure that your guests make the most of their time here. From exploring historic sites to indulging in local cuisine, Sweden offers a wealth of experiences for each and everyone’s interests.