For a few weeks time I’ve been reflecting on what’s going on in the wedding industry right now.  Checking different Instagram accounts, blogs, websites and Pinterest out, as well as talking to my fellow colleagues in the industry  – I’ve come to realize how difficult it must be for every bride and groom to take the right decision when planning their wedding.
There are so much out there to inspire the couples – beautiful venues, flower decorations, table settings, thousands of different vendors et cetera.
All of this overwhelming social media buzz inspiring couples is of course of great value. I use it a lot together with my couples to look at photos and discuss different colors, themes and ideas for example.
But a few things can be a bit misleading here and there. Looking more into details with a very skilled eye, I realize more and more the importance of a serious and well educated wedding planner. I can easily see there are many things untouchable and unrealistic for a Bride and Groom with a ’normal’ budget. Some things are also unrealistic due to other aspects than the budget. 

It’s for example easy to get carried away by beautiful styled photo shots where let’s say 6-8 gorgeous chairs are visualized in the picture. But what if you have 150 guests and need 150 chairs? Are those chairs really available to rent in Sweden in that amount? Or do you have to have them sent from Germany or elsewhere? Does your budget allow for transportation costs?
Yes sometimes it’s possible but sometimes not. 

With this I’m not saying you shouldn’t be inspired, visualize and dream about gorgeous wedding venues, decorations and styles. Of course you should. What’s important here is to lift the investment and budget question early in the process and get a realistic view of what is needed and what is possible – to create that special feeling and theme you’ve seen. Furthermore it’s also very important to do your homework and research every vendor before booking.  Are the photos you are seeing on the photographer’s Instagram account actual photos taken by the photographer or are they borrowed or reposted photos? Are the wedding planner’s photos on Instagram reposted photos, styled photo shots or actual real life weddings they’ve coordinated? Sometimes you’ll be surprised of what you’ll find out.


I’ve been working with smaller and larger weddings with all different kind of budgets for 16 consequent years. I think by now I’ve planned all imaginable kind of weddings. Different nationalities, religions, traditions, themes and aspects of weddings. I’m extremely honored every time a couple trust in me to take care of their special day.
I will always take my role very serious and guide and help my couples through the whole process from the very first booking of the venue to the actual execution of the day. As I’m sure you know – there are so much more to wedding planning than just a nicely decorated dinner table. 

There are many serious wedding vendors out there so doing your homework before booking is truly a good advice. If you feel you need specific help and guidance please do give us a call. With our vast network of carefully curated wedding vendors I’m sure we’ll find the perfect solution for you. 

Glad Lucia!


Every photo you can see on my social media channels are from weddings that I’ve planned and coordinated. The photos are taken by professional photographers where the wedding couples given me permission to share their joy and love in order to inspire other couples.
Photo: Alicia Swedenborg #reallifeweddings