Normally at this time of the year my team and I are exhausted but happy. Filled with hundreds and hundreds of beautiful images and memories from the past wedding season.This year is nothing but normal.
In mid-March, we all know the world went upside down and the wedding industry was among the industries that were hit very hard. At the very first our couples tried not to panic, but very soon we all understood that down-scaling or postponing were the only two ways to go.
A very few part of our couples decided to postpone for later this year but the large amount of couples chose to move their weddings to 2021 and even 2022.

In the beginning of April I realized 99% of WeddingPlanner Stockholm’s wedding season of 2020 had disappeared.


In difficult times you need to be creative – find out what gives you energy? What makes you stand up in the morning and smile?

I found strength and energy spending more time than ever with my daughters, my bonus kids and of course my love Magnus. Something I know
they’ve appreciated. To have a mother and partner that can give you undivided attention and not having to answer an email, a phone call from a stressed bride or being away working every weekend was of course fantastic. My first wedding free summer in 18 years.
This summer also brought me a brand new hobby. I’ve started playing tennis! Being a professional dancer for 20+ years of my life I hardly ever had the stamina or interest in doing any other physical activity. But this is so much fun.

More work related, as the wedding entrepreneur I am, it was difficult to just sit down and wait for a better situation. So as many of you probably already know, DJ Simon Matsuyama and I released the podcast ’Bröllopsspecial’.
We invited my very best vendors and collaborators and created a wedding bonanza for 8 weeks during the summer. Bröllopsspecial is now the largest wedding pod in Sweden. Hurray!
This was truly a fun, creative and wonderful experience learning everything from how it works out in the studio recording to the cutting and producing everything.
If you haven’t yet, you must listen in. You find us at Spotify, Podcaster and Podbean.

So what’s next? Well, I try to stay positive and look beyond the pandemic…
This fall will be filled with the recording of Bröllopsspecial – Season 2, helping out ’Grooms to be’ with their proposal planning, signing new clients for 2021 and 2022 and of course starting upp with all the fun wedding planning for both new clients and our postponing clients. And then of course a new creative idea… more about this will come..