So, it’s this time of the year again… when suddenly everything changes. From working 24/7, and more if possible, during the last 5 months, everything just shut down and get quite.
The telephone stops ringing, the one billion emails every day stop coming; no crying brides over the phone, no stressed groomzillas letting me know they are very upset with the DJ or the florist….no napkins to fold, no run schedules to coordinate and no angry cake caterer….nothing…

This means my urge to have two mouthes so that I can speak to two persons at the same time is less strong 🙂 My family can see me more often and they can hear me speak slower and see me move slower.  This time of the year is definitely needed to stress down.

And once again it’s time for me to summarize the summer season and this year I think we really aced it with 17 weddings in 11 weeks and 23 weddings in total so far. 

First week of July we had 6 weddings in 8 days. (I know – it’s crazy. Anyone tried planning 1 wedding knows how many details spinning around in your head. Imagine 6 weddings at more or less the same time. )

Season started early this year with a wedding abroad in Engelberg in Switzerland. It was pretty interesting to work with the Suiss’ vendors although we did bring a few vendors with us from Stockholm.
Coming up next was our very first Indian wedding at Munchenbryggeriet. Having spent almost a month in India dancing and touring with Battery Dance Company in early 2000 I felt like I had a rather good feeling for the traditions and theme. But I have to say hosting app 450 guests with all that comes with this as far as setting the tables, folding the napkins etc was a challenge. I was very happy to have three of my assistants with me that week. 

Weddings followed at Eric Ericssonhallen, Winterviken, Krägga, Rånäs Slott, Stelor and St Clemens Hotels on Gotland, Högberga Gård, Dalaröskans, Vidbynäs Gård, Marholmen, Grand Hotel Stockholm, Badholmen, Piperska Muren, Stadshotellet in Luleå and another one abroad in Rome. 

We took care of 1869 wedding guests, cut 450 metres of ribbon decorated 952 small flowers onto the 1869 napkins that were folded, ironed 233 table cloths and lit approximately 5000 candles. We’ve coordinated buses and boats, DJ’s and live bands, caterers and venues. Wrote and sent endlessly amount of emails, created run schedules and dinner schedules, educated toastmasters and toast madames, negotiated prices & fees, directed ceremonies & run church rehearsals and visited the tax office for letter of no impediments together with our couples. And of course, we’ve also experienced thousands of smiling faces and happy tears.

It’s been a long and hectic but very exciting and fun season.

Nothing of this would have been possible though without my fabulous network of super vendors. Thank you all so very much! And needless to say, nothing of this would have been possible without my fabulous assistants and colleagues; Malin, Sofia, Alexandra and Maja. You are really the best!


September is here;  I’m gathering photos from all the lovely moments – sharing with you gradually. 
New couples are starting their planning journey together with us and we are super excited to start helping them creating the dream day of their lives.
Wishing you all a lovely weekend!