…and having worked evenings, weekends, overtime and more hours in one day than you think is possibly, things are now slowing down a bit. But although it might be low season for the actual execution of the weddings, it is definitely not low season for me as a wedding planner during the autumn.
I will start introduction meetings and the planning process with my new couples and will also give some time to administration and website updates, visiting new venus and discuss collaborations with new vendors.

Less on demand calls and emails from bridal couples gave me a few minutes left the other day though, summerizing the summer season.
My fab assistants and I have travelled up north and to the south of Sweden, been in the Stockholm archipelago and in the city, built and decorated tents, castles, mansions and hotels. Ironed hundreds of white table cloths and folded probably closer to 2000 napkins. Don’t ask me how many candles we’ve lit. I can count to one specific wedding weekend where I know we used over 500 tea lights only during the wedding night.
We’ve experienced love, laughter & tears, sunshine & pouring rain, church & civil ceremonies, stressed brothers in laws, nervous bridemaids, gorgeous flower decorations, the best live band ever, technical problems x 2 (extremly stressful by the way), the coolest pre-wedding party, exclusive brunches the day after, delicious cakes, the cutest flower girls and the cutest dog walking down the aisle and then not to forget all the fantastic bridal couples.
Origin from Sweden of course but also France, Austria, US, UK, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, and the Netherlands they have given my assistants and me the opportunity to get to know them and their 1446 guests.
I’m thinking this is what makes it all worthwhile. Getting the chance to get to know each and every wedding couple and their guests a bit. Figuring out how to best help and guide them through the planning process.
And then in the end, I just simply love when the wedding day is here and I can see all their ideas and dreams come together. I will do it all over again and one more year for sure….