As the vibrant period of summer weddings fade away and the autumn leaves settle together with rainy November days here in Stockholm, we enter what is affectionately known as the ”low season.” I’d like to rephrase it to ”mid season” instead.
While this period may seem like a walk in the park and it might seem like I can go on vacation for 6 months this is not the entire truth.
Yes, I have indeed spoiled myself with a 10 day vacation on Crete but now back in the office I am busy as ever. 

Golden opportunities

The fall is the perfect time to regroup, recharge and prepare for the upcoming rush. 

It’s also a golden opportunity to reflect on the past season’s successes and challenges. What worked well? What could be improved? Evaluating the year gone by allows us to fine-tune our strategies, refine our processes, and stay ahead of industry trends.

Building and maintaining strong relationships with vendors, venues, and other industry professionals is a cornerstone of successful wedding planning. This period offers a chance to reconnect with partners, explore new collaborations, and negotiate favorable deals.

Individual client meetings

While the number of weddings may be lower during this mid season, it’s an excellent time for us to focus on individual clients. We spend our days connecting with new clients providing personalized attention during consultations. The start up process with each unique client requires extra time as we thrive to build strong relationships hopefully leading to satisfied clients and successful weddings.

We are soo excited to get to know all our new clients more.

Happy wedding planning week!