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A golden wedding day…

Hand made orchid tree with hanging lanterns made a romantic set up for the table plan area.

As a wedding planner it’s not always you have the opportunity to both work with a generous budget and enough time to get all those little details work and match perfectly. But last Saturday’s wedding was one of those where the bridal couple and I had the chance to do this.
We put a lot of work into coordinating details between the florist at the reception venue, the florist for the church and bridal party bouquets, the printer, the cake caterer, the music and the lightings. Everything was supposed to match and be connected…

The result was a stunningly beautiful wedding day where the guests where pampered with small details through out the day that just made everything extraordinary. For example a hand made ”orchid tree” with hanging lanterns became an amazingly romantic set up together with table plans in golden frames. One of the table plans showed a world map with cities specifying the guests’ origin. Same cities named the tables in the golden mirrored dining room; printed in gold font and with golden table name holders – again hand made by the florist. Each guest got their own gold printed menu card and who-is-who booklet together with their rose-decorated napkin. Wedding favors from Ladurée; a golden coffee flavored macaron in a beige box with golden ribbon.

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